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I am a backpack traveler. I have been traveling for the past 5 years as an independent volunteer and full time traveler. My goal is to share my experiences, tips and tricks with fellow travelers so that they can learn from them too! Read More…

My name is Nicki and this blog is about everything related to travel: what makes it special, how you should treat your travels like business trips, why some people are afraid of taking their first trip abroad, how much money will actually be needed on any given budget, etc… It’s not just another “travel” or “backpacking” blog – there’s no need to get excited about these topics if you don’t want to read about them here 🙂 If you’re looking for inspiration before venturing out, then this might help you decide whether going solo was really the right decision after all 😉 This is also where I keep track of places visited around the world.

If you ever have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at You can follow along via Facebook by clicking the button below. Thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy it!

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